This is one of the primary accommodation and entertainment centers within the boundaries of the Municipality, There are various popular hearsays in connection with the name Calis. In one tale, it is related that when Ahmet Gazi was fighting with the enemy on the coast, an soldier heartened an old warrior, saying, “Come on, Father, strive a little longer, we are about to cast the, enemy off to the sea” Another story alleges that the name of the person was Calis (strive).

Calis is a very nice holiday destination with a shore of many kilometers, the glittering sea opening up to the outer bay and with stunningly beautiful sun-sets. The Calis beach is 6 kms. extending as far as the Kariy River. The road along the coast is closed to traffic to facilitate swimming and water sports activities.

It is very easy to reach Calis There are municipality busses as well as minibus services. There are also boats to Calis leaving behind the Municipality building,for those preferring sea route.

Calis, described as 5 km. away from the province and best place to watch sun go down, is one of the most favorite places of the province tourism with its 4 km. of beach, cool wind during hot summer nights, “Caretta Caretta”s, sea appropriate for water sports, numerous qualified resort facilities, restaurants, bars, shopping and transportation possibilities How to get there: Take a dolmus from Fethiye